A software designed for every Practitioner

Incredible Features

pWENS is a NEW GENERATION software that is more feature-packed and
user-friendly than any other Medical application in the Global market

Digital Writing

pWENS supports writing devices such as Pen tablets, Digital Ink pen, iPads, Android Tablets and PCs.

pWENS Elite

Frequent Internet problems? Introducing the all-new pWENS Elite, a local portable offline server.


Scanner access approach - Upload case sheets and prescriptions instantly with QR code.

Multiple ways to key-in

pWENS provides various approaches to load patient records, based on real time practice models.

Audio Video and Voice to Text

Audio and Video can be recorded. Voice to Text conversion also introduced.

Finance handling

Integrated with World class ERP software to handle the Payments, Receivables, Payroll, etc.


pWENS has various functionalities that could
help you to stay connected with modern technologies.

Customize your Templates

Customizable Notes or Examination
templates are introduced in pWENS

AI-Based Prescriptions

pWENS suggest you the medicines for the patients by reading their previous history

Online Consultation

Introducing Video Conference to consult your patients online at Anytime, Anywhere

Includes CRM

Now pWENS supports CRM modules to manage the customers

Expect Beyond the Limit

Comprises of 200+ attractive useful features compared with current market applications

On Cloud

pWENS is available on the Secured
Amazon cloud server

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A Few Exemplifications

PWENS has multiple and unique features,
here are some features for you

A free local portable server

pWENS Elite is a local portable server which can work without the Internet. No in-person installation is required as it is a Plug & Play device. pWENS will back up your data to the cloud at a regular time intervals, hence you will never loose your data

Feel like paper

Go green with pWENS! Digital Writing in our software allows a doctor to easily write the patient's treatment details and prescription in IPads/Android Tablets.

Smart dashboard

The smart dashboard page will show the metrics about diagnostic methods, appointments and graphical representation of patients to be followed. This could help you understand what's happening in the hospital as soon as you login our software.






User Friendly



Appointment Module

Free telemedicine platform with appointment system

Free telemedicine platform and appointment system provided by pWENS and tocdor.com as MCI allows telemedicine now.
This is an initiative taken by pWENS for the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown. It is absolutely free for a group of doctors or
individual practitioners who are doing as a free service to the public.

Choose Our Ready-made Plan

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Smart Plan

  • Suitable for Clinics
  • Upgradable to other packages*
  • Multiple users allowed under
    each consultant at no cost
  • Free pWENS Elite
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Popular Plan

  • Suitable for Clinics & Hospitals
  • Upgradable to other packages*
  • Each consultant records will be
    maintained independently
  • Free pWENS Elite
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Popular Plan

  • Suitable for Multi consultant
  • Upgradable to other packages*
  • Multi consultant options*
  • Free pWENS Elite
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Premium Plan

  • Suitable for Multispeciality Hospitals
  • Can be integrated with other systems*
  • Each constant records will be
    maintained independently*
  • Customized Reports

Add-On Packages

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Financial Accounting

Integrated with World class ERP software to handle the Payments, Receivables, Payroll, etc. Highly secured from being hacked with restricted access to low level users.

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Pharmacy System

Less chance of manual error due to the integrated pharmacy module. The purchased quantity of drugs cannot be modified(Theft free) manually.

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Mobile APP

This light weight Andriod/IOS mobile app can be accessed around the world. Alerts on onboard counts and important notifications will be made on the go! which could reduce Doctor's effective time.

Our Story

pWENS wasn't started in a day!
Explore our story here.

"When the need for something becomes imperative, you are forced to find ways of getting or achieving it."

pWENS was founded by our Visionary founder Mr. Joseph Jegan to address the need of a committed doctor who was working hard to transform the life of the founder's cousin who was suffering from a major behavioural illness.

Working in a place where the resources were limited and the internet connection was poor/inadequate, our founder created Electronic Medical Record software, which has steadily grown and reached 18+ states in India and now in the Global market.

The journey, a very humble beginning to reaching the American Psychiatric Association's Annual Meeting which is world's biggest meeting of Psychiatrists from around the world has been possible with the support of several doctors,
dedicated team and the wishes of over a million patients we serve.

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